Maisey / Punch Breeding – 2020

We are pleased to announce an upcoming breeding between Maisey (Onedrdogs Retrievers) and Punch (Emberain Retrievers). The litter is anticipated in late 2020 or early 2021. The pups will be whelped by Vivian Huynh in Renton Washington.

Please contact Vivian if you have any questions or are interested in this litter.

HRCH Onedrdogs Over The Salish Sea MH WCX ** CCA (Maisey)

Maisey’s best quality is her perfect balance of drive and biddability. She got her first MH pass before turning 2, and completed the title before 3. After titling, she went on to qualify for the 2018 Master National. At 3 years and 3 months old, she was the youngest golden retriever to pass the Master National that year. She qualified for the 2019 MN but did not attend, as well as the 2020 MAI. Due to Covid, she was then automatically qualified for the 2020 MN and the 2021 MAI. Despite the automatic qualification for the 2020 MN, she earned the four MH passes needed to acquire a qualification under the amended qualification requirements. As of now, the 2020 MN has been cancelled. We hope to be able to run in 2021.

Maisey is a really fun dog to train. She takes corrections well and always maintains a wonderful attitude. She is exceptionally confident and fearless. Although her true love is in the field, she is up to play any game. She is athletic, very fast, and turns on a dime. She has a ton of energy, but she is also a wonderful house dog. When she comes in through the door, the switch turns to “off”. She is a very sweet and happy girl who thinks every day is a party.

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“Punch” is currently 5 years old.  He is an amazing dog, the full package – good looks, with talent and personality.

Punch completed his Agility Grand Championship in March of 2019 at 4 ½ years of age.  Pretty good for a title that is considered a Lifetime Achievement award!  The AGCH consists of 450 qualifying legs in 6 different areas of AKC agility trials.  We are proud that he finished the hardest part first, the 4required premier titles in premier standard and jumpers.  

Soon after he went back into the field.  We were holding out on field training, all those agility runs were enough for one dog, and we didn’t need any field injuries. A few months after his AGCH he got his Senior Hunter title going 4 out 4 in two consecutive weekends. He is a pinpoint marker with an innate ability to figure out blinds and to know what you want. At the beginning of 2020 we were back to training in the field as well as a more leisurely pace in agility picking up another MACH.  Just when he was ready for the master hunter stakes –this March all dog activities were shut down due to the pandemic.  We will be waiting for dog sports in California to resume, so it could be a while for the next title. 

Punch is a fun guy with a sweet personality.  He only has eyes for me, and we are a great agility team together. He is a wonderful house dog, calm and sweet.  His biggest fault is he is a secret kisser.  He will give you that sly look and then slurp, you get kissed

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